Our Products: Artisan Goat Cheeses and Goat Milk Confections

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Charlottetown Farm is dedicated to providing fresh artisan goat milk products to farm-to-table restaurants, consumers, and retailers in the mid-Atlantic region. We believe that goat milk is the quintessential “local” food; the unique flavor and smooth, silky texture of fresh goat milk is best consumed within hours of milking, and the further the milk is transported, the more it loses those special qualities. So local is essential. Our goats' milk is pasteurized in small batches and then cultured soon after milking in order to capture this freshness. The goal is to have our customers enjoying uniquely fresh dairy products within hours of when the goats were last grazing.

We employ the concept of terroir, or a “sense of place,” referring to subtle local influences in the flavor of food and wine.

Our region contains unique terroir and subtle influences of its own which have long been under-appreciated, and we have therefore chosen goats that thrive in our climate and enjoy free-range grazing on native vegetation. The results are high protein & butterfat milk that is healthy for you and produced in a humane environment.

With this in mind, Charlottetown Farm currently produces the following products fresh daily:

  • Chèvre – soft, spreadable goat cheese
  • Chèvre crumbles – great for salads and pizza
  • Herbed chevre – A classic blend with Herbes de Provence
  • Cajeta – a caramel sauce made from our whole goat milk reduction
  • Crotin – traditional French 14-day mold-ripened chevre
  • Cheesecake – made with smooth silky chèvre and a European approach
  • Fudge – goat milk and an old favorite combined
  • Medallions – formed chèvre with a variety of locally-produced French herbs, or fig & lime conserve
  • Feta – goat milk and traditional Greek cultures

As an artisan producer, we cater to the needs and ideas of our customers, and we invite you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about Charlottetown Farm. We got your goat!