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Happy goats. Extraordinary cheese.

Charlottetown Farm produces artisan goat cheeses and goat milk confections, happily supplying some of Baltimore’s favorite restaurants that feature fresh local ingredients. We produce the following products fresh daily: chevre, chevre crumbles, goat milk caramel sauce-cajeta, our cave aged crottin, many flavors of goat cheese cheesecake and fudge, fresh goat cheese medallions, and feta.

The History Of Charlottetown

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Cheesemaker Pam Miller was raised on a farm in Monkton, Maryland, where she was an active member of the Sparks 4-H club, and the Hereford FFA chapter in her youth. Through these programs, Pam learned the importance of agriculture and how people today have become disconnected from where their food comes from.

Flash forward to 2003, Pam and Mike, had a dozen Hereford beef cattle that their daughter Allison raised as 4H projects. Close friends of the Millers raised dairy goats, which Pam took an interest in. For Christmas, they surprised their daughter with two LaMancha does, Dulcinae and Chocolatte, which promptly became part of the family.

For the next eight years, Pam made cheese and cheesecakes for friends, neighbors and family for special occasions. Gradually, the goats started outnumbering the cattle, and Pam’s gardens were nibbled away by the herd. She just loved the goats and enjoyed sharing their bounty. Pam was an active member of the Monkton Garden club, and she often took her cheeses to be enjoyed by fellow members. Within the club her products developed a bit of a following, and Pam was told that she should start selling her products.

Over a friendly glass of wine in 2011 at the 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden, Chef Sarah Acconcia overheard one of Pam’s group boasting about the quality and freshness of Pam’s chevre. Intrigued, she asked for a sample, which became the basis for Charlottetown Farm’s retail sales. From the beginning, Charlottetown Farm has been an artisanal goat cheese producer and now regularly serves many restaurants, farmer’s markets, and community festivals. The formula is simple; small batch cheeses made with fresh milk immediately after pasteurization.

Farm-to-Table Goodness

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We take pride in offering personalized service and delivery, and enjoy our day to day contact with our customers, many of whom are local farm-to-table restaurants. This friendly and ongoing dialogue frequently results in Charlottetown Farm creating unique goat milk products for our customers' specific needs. In November 2012 we began selling our products to the general public, through the 32nd Street Waverly Farmer's Market. The Market provides an exchange of ideas where our customers learn about goats, dairying and the production of healthy local products, and we learn the wants and preferences of those who enjoy our products. We love what we do, and we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our passion for goats milk cheeses and dairy products.

"With the arrival of Charlottetown Farm on the local food scene, The Chesapeake is now blessed with another shining star in its culinary constellation. Pam Miller is a master cheesemaker with an innate sense of taste and a playful touch resulting in some of the finest goat cheeses to be found. One taste and you're hooked."

— John Shields, Author and Chef/Owner of Gertrude'€™s at the BMA

Where to find us

We happily supply over 20 top Baltimore-area restaurants that feature fresh local ingredients, including:

You can also find Charlottetown Farm at these Farmers Markets:

Our Goats

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Most important to our business is our goats! All of ours goats are raised and cared for in a humane and caring environment. We also take our goats to local nursing homes,  events and farmers markets for people to enjoy them as much as we do!  Read more about our goats...