Our Goats

Worldwide, more people eat and drink milk from goats than any other animal.

A.W. and Twilight

We raise a variety of goats here at Charlottetown Farm, including: LaMancha, Alpine, Saanen, Nubian and Recorded Grade dairy goats. Our goats are all ADGA registered and shown at a variety of dairy goat shows both on local and state levels.

We choose and breed the best goats. Saanens are known to produce a high volume of milk. LaManchas and Nubians provide higher butterfat. Alpines generally have consistent and lengthy lactation times.

The goats are milked twice a day in an 8 stanchion parlor. Milking takes about 5 minutes per goat, and they typically produce about a half-gallon of milk each time.

Free choice hay and forage is available at all times. Locally-produced grains are fed during milking. The girls have their kids from early January through May and generally have 2 kids. It's always an exciting time!

We must admit we have a soft spot for our LaManchas! Here are a few of our favorites, the goats we keep primarily as pets: