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  • Happy Goats. Extraordinary Cheese.

    Welcome to Charlottetown Farm

    We are a family-run producer of artisan goat cheeses and goat milk confections, happily supplying the Baltimore area's top restaurants that feature fresh local ingredients.

    Enjoy our cheeses and confections Meet our goats
  • Always fresh. Always local.

    Farm-to-Table Goodness

    Charlottetown Farm currently produces the following products fresh daily: chevre, chevre crumbles, ricotta, cajeta, crotin, truffles, cheesecake, fudge, medallions, feta, goat mik and yogurt

    Find our products in Baltimore area restaurants Visit us at a Farmers Market
  • Do you know how awesome goats are??

    Goats discovered coffee!

    According to legend, an Ethiopian goatherd was grazing his goats on a mountainside. The goats were eating a tall bush with shiny green leaves and red berries. Soon after, the goats started moving actively, as though they were full of energy. Finding this quite interesting, the goatherd decided to try the berries himself. After consuming the berries he reported that he felt awake, uplifted, and full of energy.

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